This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to invite participants from overseas, so we produced videos to replace the workshops to handle cultural properties and excursions we normally organize. In the instruction video on handling cultural properties, curators of the Tokyo National Museum explained and demonstrated how to handle Buddhist sculptures and wooden masks. For the excursion video, we filmed Zen temples, cultural properties, and the surroundings of Kamakura so that overseas researchers could feel like they were actually traveling there. These videos were viewed by curators of Japanese and Asian art museums outside of Japan, as well as other museum professionals such as registrars and educators who have the opportunity to work with Japanese art. We hope these videos helped with deepening their knowledge of Japanese art.

文化財取扱講座(彫刻) Handling Cultural Properties: Japanese Sculpture

講師 Instructor
  • 浅見 龍介 東京国立博物館
  • Asami Ryusuke Tokyo National Museum
  • 皿井 舞 東京国立博物館
  • Sarai Mai Tokyo National Museum
  • 増田 政史 東京国立博物館
  • Masuda Masafumi Tokyo National Museum

鎌倉エクスカーション Kamakura Excursion

  • Engakuji Temple
  • Kakuonji Temple
  • Kamakura Kokuhoukan Museum
  • Kenchōji Temple
  • Jōkōmyōji Temple