Overseas Survey of Japanese Art

Many Japanese artworks are now found abroad. Large institutions employ curators who possess extensive knowledge and experience, allowing them to manage the collections and conduct research, communicating the allure of Japanese art to international audiences through exhibitions. However, there are also collections of Japanese art that, because of a lack of specialist staff and the inability to deal with a diversity of genres, have not been catalogued, introduced to the public, or otherwise utilized. To promote the utilization and understanding of Japanese art abroad, we are conducting annual surveys of these collections as part of the Curatorial Exchange Program. This fiscal year we conducted a survey of ceramics at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, which is a large institution with experienced curators of Japanese art but does not currently employ a ceramics specialist.

  • Duration: Sunday, January 28 – Sunday, February 4, 2018
  • Locations:Asian Art Museum of San Francisco


  • Dr. Laura Allen

    Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

  • Dr. Yuki Morishima

    Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

  • Ms. Maya Hara

    Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

  • Mr. Atsushi Imai

    Tokyo National Museum

  • Mr. Sadaaki Tokunaga

    The Kyushu Ceramic Museum