The Meeting of Japanese Art Specialists has been held annually since FY2015 in order to provide curators of Japanese art with a forum for debate, discussion, and the exchange of information. During the third meeting, held on January 14, 2018, participants focusing on topics brought up during the International Symposium. These topics included: the presentation of contemporary art and subculture at museums, the use of facsimiles and digital contents, museum admission fees, and the roles of museums in their respective societies.

  • Meeting of Japanese Art Specialists
  • Date: Sunday, January 14, 2018
  • Venue: Meeting Room 1, Heiseikan, Tokyo National Museum
  • Chairperson and Facilitator: Mr. Hiroyoshi Tazawa (Tokyo National Museum)


Part One

  • How contemporary Japanese art and subculture may be
    presented in a museum setting
  • Whether museums should charge for admission


Part Two

  • The roles of museums in society and the challenge of drawing visitors
  • The use of facsimiles at museums
  • The possibility of institutionalizing the Curatorial Exchange Program


  • Dr. Laura Allen

    Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

  • Dr. Monika Bincsik

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Dr. Andreas Marks

    Minneapolis Institute of Art

  • Dr. Anne Nishimura Morse

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

  • Dr. Rhiannon Paget

    The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art

  • Dr. Sinéad Vilbar

    The Cleveland Museum of Art

  • Mr. Tim Clark

    The British Museum

  • Dr. Rosina Buckland

    National Museum of Scotland

  • Dr. Rupert Faulkner

    Victoria and Albert Museum

  • Dr. Daan Kok

    National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden

  • Mr. Michel Maucuer

    Musée national des Arts asiatiques-Guimet

  • Dr. Mary Redfern

    Chester Beatty Library

  • Ms. Ainura Yusupova

    The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

  • Mr. Hiroshi Asaka

    Agency for Cultural Affairs

  • Ms. Eriko Sasaki

    Eisei Bunko Museum

  • Ms. Masako Tanabe

    Chiba City Museum of Art

  • Prof. Ryo Furuta

    The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts

  • Ms. Momo Miyazaki

    The Museum Yamato Bunkakan

  • Mr. Hiroyoshi Tazawa

    Tokyo National Museum

  • Mr. Hideaki Kunigo

    Tokyo National Museum

  • Mr. Atsushi Imai

    Tokyo National Museum

  • Ms. Satomi Kito

    Tokyo National Museum

  • Mr. Motoki Sakai

    Tokyo National Museum

  • Mr. Milosz Wozny

    Tokyo National Museum

  • Mr. Shinji Ito

    Kyoto National Museum

  • Ms. Melissa M. Rinne

    Kyoto National Museum

  • Dr. Norifumi Mochizuki

    Kyushu National Museum


  • Mr. Yoichi Inoue

    Tokyo National Museum

  • Mr. Jun Tomita

    Tokyo National Museum

  • Mr. Yuji Kurihara

    Kyoto National Museum

  • Mr. Hiroyuki Shimatani

    Kyushu National Museum